Covid - 19 - Secure Policy

As required by the government before re-opening we have carried out a risk assessment to address and consider all areas of your and our safety. 


To help social distance here at Sundial House we have decided for the forseeable future to limit our bookings to 2 rooms or 4 guests only. We are also keeping rooms free for at least 48hrs between bookings.


We have always taken great pride and been praised for the extremely high standards of cleanliness. We have, however, added additional cleaning proceedures and products which comply with the Government recommendation of BS1276/BS13697 to further ensure your environment is safe.

As we do all the cleaning, and prepare all the food at Sundial House the only people you will come in contact with are the two of us.


Below are a few of the changes we have made for your stay as a result of our risk assessment. Please read them as they may affect your stay. 


Your booking

Your booking is fully flexible so should you need to cancel even if at last minute you can do so without any penalty. we will try to move your booking where possble.


 Before you arrive

As per Government advice do not travel if you or any of your party has within the last 14 days

  • displayed any of the common sympton of Covid 19 (fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell).
  • if you live or work within a current local lockdown area
  • been in close contact with anyone that has.

​For your confidence all bookings are fully flexible.  We will cancel/rearrange at no penalty or extra cost, even if at the last minute. 


We kindly remind you to bring a face covering for visiting shops and indoor attractions as mandatory from July 24th.


PLEASE NOTE from August 8th it is mandatory to wear a face covering in the public areas of accommodation providers. This will include the hallway, stairs, landing and sitting room. We will wear a face covering when serving you food and interacting with you


We display a Test and Trace QR code in our entrance as required by law from September 24th.



We will welcome you as always with the warm and friendly greeting you have all come to expect but from a social distance. 

We will ask you for an approximate arrival time and will aim to avoid other guests arriving at the same time.  If another guest arrives at the same time as you we ask that you remain in your car until they have moved on to allow social distancing.

If you are unable to carry your bags and require help we will do so at a safe distance and deliver them outside your door. (we will sanitise hands before and after).


  • Hand Sanitiser will be available by the front door, near the dining room entrance and on the landing table. We ask that you use this whenever entering Sundial House and when coming down from your bedroom, going into the dining room and leaving the dining room.
  • We will endeavour to take all details online before you arrive, where this is not possible we will give you a registration form to complete. (We ask you use your own pen) our NHS Test and Trace QR code is on display in our entrance and we encourage you to use this.
  • We will ask for addresses where you will be staying for the next 14 days after leaving Sundial House.
  • if you do not require help with luggage we will direct you to your room.
  • your sanitised key will be in the door
  • we will still offer a complimentary beverage and cake on arrival, which you can take in your room, (delivered to the landing table) or taken in the sitting room/ garden or dining room.  Where possible we will ask guests to enjoy this in different areas/times. once guests have left areas coffee tables, chairs etc. will be sanitised. 


(We will be additionally asking guests to sit at the same table & seats during their stay).


Your bedroom

An information pack will be available for you in your room. It will contain our Covid 19 room servicing details and the most important aspects of our Covid 19 policy. This will be printed just for you and destoyed when you leave.

  • You will find your windows ajar on arrival.  We ask that you open and leave your windows ajar when you go out in the morning and when you leave at the end of your stay.
  • Cushions and Throws have been removed to make cleaning and sanitizing easier
  • Bedding and towels have been laundered at high temperature and also using laundry disinfecting liquid. 
  • We have removed additional toiletry items like cotton buds/cotton wool etc, but if you need any of these items they can be supplied on request, using the form that will be left in your room.
  • Your tea tray offerings will be simplified to limit items touched but additional items can be requested, again using the form that will be left in your room. We ask that you leave the tray with dirty items for washing outside your door before going out for the day.


We ask that you wash your hands when entering and leaving your room.



Keeping your room clean and fresh during your stay has always been very important to us.  However, under this new Covid 19 policy, we regret that we cannot do our usual daily clean of your room. If your are staying more than 4 days we will give you the option of a room freshen but this is your choice. 


Your room will be deep cleaned by us prior to your stay using government recommended BS1276 & BS13697 products. We will use PPE, disposable aprons, mask, gloves and new cleaning cloths will be used for each bedroom. We also steam clean floors and fabric furnishings. 


Communial Areas


As part of our enhanced cleaning during Covid 19 we will be regularly cleaning communal areas paying particular attention to areas such as, light switches, doors/door handles, bannisters and potential high touch wall areas.



We will continue to offer you our fabulous selection of breakfast options.  But where in the past you have made your selections when you come down to breakfast we will be asking you to choose using a breakfast order form which we will ask you to complete and leave on the landing table by 9.00pm.
Sadly we will no longer be able to have our breakfast bar set out with all the delicious options such as fruit platters, yogurts, compotes cereals etc. which we offer prior to your cooked breakfast. These will still be available but prepared individually by us in the kitchen.


We have plenty of space between our tables, but you will be allocated a table that we we will ask you to use for the whole of your stay.


All tables, chairs, placemats will be sanitised at the end of breakfast and guests will not be able to re enter until either dinner or breakfast the next morning.


Checking out

where possible we will ask for payment by bank transfer.  If paying by card we will provide you with a sanitised card machine.






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